Walk and Talk

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Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and talk therapy is a unique approach that combines the benefits of traditional talk therapy with mild exercise outside in nature. We know that walking is good for the body, but research also suggests that it is also good for the mind and further enhances the therapeutic healing process.

Sessions are held year-round, weather permitting, on the Trinity Trails adjacent to our Riverfront office location. To protect your privacy, your therapist will dress in comfortable clothes and shoes so as to not attract any attention. Terra Therapies therapists will match your pace of walking, and if you prefer, you can simply hold your sessions while sitting at a park bench or picnic table. Simply being in nature is healing in itself. Although walk and talk therapy sessions are held in every season, Terra Therapies clients have the option of having their counseling session in our Riverfront office at any time.

Benefits of Walk & Talk Therapy:

  • Walking and talking eliminates the confinement of a therapy room.
  • It provides an alternative approach to therapy outside of traditional in-office talk therapy.
  • Research has shown many physical health and psychological benefits of Walk & Talk therapy.
  • It may encourage you to live a more active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Walking increases body temperature, which is thought to have a calming effect on the brain.
  • Assisting in the release of negative emotions, walking promotes mental clarity and positive thinking.
  • Daily walking or other forms of moderate exercise can help to alleviate depression and anxiety, as well as decrease blood pressure, making it the perfect stress buster.
  • Walk & Talk Therapy can boost self-esteem, increase energy levels, improve sleep quality and allow you to connect with the natural world.
  • Walking allows the brain to release certain neurotransmitters, or “feel good” chemicals.
  • Clients have reported walking and talking provides, “clarity, builds strength, provides emotional balance, increase in energy, openness, focus, motivation, and a reduction in mental health symptoms.”

Is Walk and Talk Therapy for Everyone?

Walk and talk therapy is best suited for certain populations and conditions, such as teens and adults struggling with anger, anxiety, compassion fatigue, depression, insomnia, stress, or trauma. It is especially beneficial for those who struggle with eye contact or who may feel uncomfortable sitting in an office environment.